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This Website is made for all the followers of Radha Soami faith, so that they can get the more information about the Ruhaniat ,we will constantly want to improve this site.Shabads Of Radha Soami Satsang Beas and other various saints have been already added to the website,more will be added soon.

This website can help the folowers in the context of knowledge of radha soami faith and their history ,The main motive of ths site is to provide the zigyasu and followers a rich content that can help them in attaining there daily Namm simran or Surat Shabad yog.

This website is Dedicated to my Dear Grandfather, who showed us the path of ruhaniat and help us to follow this path.. may Baba ji Bless his soul.

We are thankul firstly to god and then to all the sources from where we have collected the information.,we are also thankful to all the worthy teachers and friends who helped us in making up this site as a real world entity,without their support and insipiration this project couldnot have been possible.

If you have any query or a question in mind regarding Santmat you need not to hesitate you can mail us the query or put that query in a comment box given below. we will reach you in 24 hours via e-mail.

All your suggetions for the improvements of this website are welcome.

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