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"Importance of SEWA"

‘Sewa’ has a great significance in every religion. Every religion has taught the people to serve others with love and affection. Bhai Gurdas ji explains this in his writings as The hands & feet (the body) are cursed without service, all other activities (rituals) are fruitless.

Whom To serve?

Sewa of Guru: Sewa of guru is atmost importance,the sewa should be done with love as gurbani says “jin prem kiyo tin hi prabh payo” it is the blessing of guru who makes it possible for us to meet with devine it’s the guru first who should be served.Sewa of the sangat(followers) of the guru is also considered to have the same importance as of guru, when we serve the sangat(followers of guru with atmost love ,affection and respect), we get the blessings of our guru.

Sewa of God: The service or sewa of god is most important. Infact it should be the motive of all of us living on earth. We should serve the god who gave us this beautiful earth to live , who gave us everything we have today. We should be thankful to god, but now question arises in our mind that how can we serve god? and how can we thank to god? we have not seen God, we don’t know where god is? The answer lies in our religious books.The naam bhakti is the true service of the God. It calms down one’s body & mind and, one obtainsthe peace and divine knowledge within. This is the only way to serve or worship the ever-true Lord and receive his blessings. He only, is the true servant of Lord, who does away with his ego, by dwelling His naam into his heart and thereby, whole heartedly being submitted to him. We can also say that

“Service of Humanity is service of God”

How to do Sewa ?

Sewa or Service of God can be done in three ways.

Service through body : It is also called "Tan Ki Sewa",according to santmat everybody should do service through their hands and body.In Guru Nanak Dev ji's Bani it has been written that "Kirat Karo Te vand Chako"

Service through Money Serving the poor and needy by money and by other means is called Service through Money.True service is only that which is offered by pure heart.

Service through Mind :Saints say that man jite jag jeet if a person can hold his mind then he has the power to hold this world , mind is our biggest enemy in attaing the surat shabad yog or worship of God. Service through mind can be done by sharing and spreading knowledge through the words among people.The service is only fruitful if it is offered without any fraud or pride.Service with ego and without humility is not acceptable. as written in Gurbani Satgur Ki sewa safal hai je ko kare chit layeit means that we need to service of guru or God with our mind toward god is well then only your service or sewa is successful