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The main attraction of Dera Beas is the cleanliness ,greenry,proper planning and the manner in which everything is managed. you will be astonished to see the cleanliness on streets ,washrooms and everywhere you go in Dera,The dera has lots of greenry,All the facilities are provided to the sangat(visitors) mainly free of cost and some facilities are provided at no profit no loss basis.The Sangat is provided with free food at langar for three times a day and free tea is also being served.The hostel facility is provided to foreigners. The Dera is so well managed that you will get a feel as you are in a foreign country.

In this section we will see the various venues of Dera Baba Jaimal Singh,Beas

Langar : The langar is served to the sangat free of cost from early morning to late night.In langar food is being served to sangat. Tea is also being served to sangat in the langar.there is a separate sheds for the purpose of langar.In days of Satsang of baba ji the langar is served almost 24 hours.there is huge rush of sangat,so to manage the sangat and to serve them langar temporary sheds are made.the langar is served with volunteers ( Sewadaars ).

Bhojan Bhandar : The bhojan bhandar is another place where sangat can have food. Breakfast,lunch and dinner is available in bhojan bhandar The food at bhojan bhandar is not free of cost. The food is provided at nominal cost.The bhojan bhandars are available at various corners of the dera in satsang days.

Canteen : For the purpose of providing breakfast and other snacks like Bread,Puri chane,milk,tea and pakoras the various canteens are available in the dera.The canteens are opened at specific time in the morning and evening only

Snackbar :Sangat can enjoy snacks in the speacaily made food centers named as snackbars.In snackbars sangat can enjoy all type of snacks and sweets. all the snacks are available in snackbars at a nominal price.

Accomodation: The satisfactory and secure accomodation is provided to sangat at free of cost.There are various resourses available for the accomodation.The sarai's are available for the sangat,The separate sarai's are available for single men and for families.These rooms are equipped with all the basic facilities. These rooms are alloted on the basis of first come first get basis.Sheds are another mode of accomodation in the Dera.The space is in the shed is also available on first come first get basis.These sheds and sarai's accomodate lakhs of people on the days of Satsang.

Hostels : For the purpose of comfort and safe accomodation of the sangat from far and from other countries dera beas has speacial arrangements,Separate hostels are made for the people that has came from far and from abroad.